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The Movie Ticket Radio Station is now available, customized for your Market, Radio Stations, Broadcast Outlets or dedicated on location or in store listening presentation. Contact Us today or E-mail us and we'll make your MovieTicketRadio starter package launch on your station in less than 24 hours!


Your Station Identification customization, Your Commercials, plus Your Own Custom Promos. Custom Voice Track Programming or Live Assist Jocks. Award winning talent.


Don't let your sleeper radio station waste anymore of your time or money.


Be a MovieTicketRadio Station and watch the revenue ramp up. Market Exclusivity available. Day-part hours also available.


We're seeing overnight success occurring even during startup time frames and even in many competitive markets. We're also seeing longer listening patterns with our compelling story narrated programming, identifying the movies with the HITS from the movies.




Be the next HIT in your market.

Be the MovieTicketRadio Station in your market and clean up!


Everybody goes to the movies. Everybody has a Movie Night. Sponsors include local cinemas in your market, local movie releases, candy confection companies, beverage companies. Think of all the free movie passes you'll be giving away almost every hour, of every day. MovieTicketRadio is your promotional giveaway catalyst.


Nights have become a money maker with MovieTicketRadio sponsors vying for the after the movie, patron, with your call letters on the back of all Movie Passes with user coding to be redeemed on your website. Answer the MovieTicketRadio Instant trivia on your Web site for redemption for prizes and discounts with after the show sponsored destinations.


All your listeners lock into their free MovieTicketRadio account. So don't throw away your movie passes stubs. Every hour of every day MovieTicketRadio also announces secret web site serial numbers connecting your listeners to free passes, freebies, and goodies to go.


*** TRIVIA ***

Lots of Surprise and Continuous

*** Movie Ticket Mobile Trivia Tweets TM ***

Continuous Instant Movie Ticket Winners.

Tweet and WIN. Instant Movie Ticket prizes and surprises DIRECT to your listeners Mobile Phones, Tweets and Pads for Instant Redemption to selected MOVIES!

Fun facts that will have your Players Tweeting, Pintristing and Facebooking. The Most Re-Tweets, Facebook or Pintrest connections the bigger the prizes. Everyone will be glued to your station and connecting all their friends. If a friend re-tweets a friends' name and the friend hears their name, or see's their name on the MovieTicketRadio Scroll, they're instantly playing online MovieTicketRadio Games for bonus prizes, surprises and multipliers.

LOOK-OUT!!  It will be Fever Pitched, Non Stop, Movie Ticket Radio Action. Movie Buffs can compete or join up with other MovieTicketRadio social network users for hourly grand prize packages.


**** PLUS ****

Special Exclusive Sneak Previews

for MovieTicketRadio listeners and players!

Even before the opening day of the movie!!

Listeners & Players sign up for their movie rewards with secret serial numbers.

Follow hidden secret codes & messages in the MovieTicketRadio Movie Crush Candy Trivia Games (TM).

It's just one continuous big barrel of fun treets and tweets when you're listeners are on the go go go with MovieTicketRadio!


***WOW*** Monthly grand prize winners will win a cameo role in an up coming movie to be determined every month. Round trip Air Fare, lodging, transportation and Movie Star Treatment is included in the grand prizes. Winners get to take the friend of their choice!


Be the new sensation station in your market before the competition.

Call today!!

 202-510-7777 or 610-664-2499.


Go where no station has gone before, in your market. Be a MovieTicketRadio Affiliate Today.


And Let the Force Be With You!!



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